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Being on the wild ride of life with the soul of a writer, Jamie Collins is a published poet, writer and author of Discarded Wings, a book of poetry and 5 children’s books.

He has a degree in TV production From University of South Florida, was an advertising copywriter for a Fortune 500 company in the 90’s -responsible for ads in print and national radio and TV, Taught creative writing for 6 years as an Artist -In-Education program in the school systems of Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, written plays, musicals (most of which were produced) and adapted books to theater as the Cultural Arts Specialist for the City of Largo, FL, Ran a small writing/marketing business, The Write Touch, and has articles published by the St. Petersburg Times.

Guest Host for April & May Vol Lindsey

May, 2012 Poetry in the Brew 
I spent some time this summer
With a shovel and have the remains
Of blisters as testament. My tee shirts
Are stained with sweat, and two
Of my best jeans have premature holes,
From my grandfather back, men
Did these things all the time.
Lucy’s tribe huddled skin to skin
By the fire under a mysterious sky.
The horizon was virginal, and
Kept us terrified.
Until just now,
We worshiped the ground because
It taught us the nature of God and death.
We laughed and danced to cave the skull
And peel the skin of our dinner.
We dug the dirt to bury our weak
Or plant the seeds of tomorrow’s bread.
But we have lost our
Roots, our food has traveled a
Thousand miles, and our bread
Is white as cancer. God has washed
his hands, so in our hungry multitude
No one matters. I think I know you, but it’s
Just your name, and when you are gone,
Someone will use a machine to
Dig your grave.
Vol Lindsey

Poetry in the Brew Celebrates One Full Year of Open Mic Poetry in East Nashville

MAP will host the June 9, 2012 reading

Sign-up is at 5:30.  Reading starts at 6:30.

Come on out to Portland Brew at 1921 Eastland Avenue, Nashville.