November 10,2012 Poetry in the Brew Features Ben Burr

Poetry in the Brew

celebrates a local poet,

ben burr

born buckeye
tennessee tenant
green bobcat
panama red
mas tacos
por favor
two books
nashville poems
and another
and another
coming soon

here’s a(nother) poem…

you lie bare
against blue sheets
opening your eyes
the slightest bit
to find me
then closing again
lost in this
in muted beauty
for a moment
soft left hand
searching for mine
intertwining of fingers
then lightly pulling
my nervous palm
to your breast
your heart beats
through my body
and I believe
that this amnesia
could last forever

Ben just released a book!

We are counting on him to read from it!

Jamie Zoe Givens will guest host the November Poetry in the Brew.

Jamie on the mobus, 2008.

November 10, 2012

Open Mic

Sign-up at 5:30.

Reading starts at 6:30.

Poetry in the Brew


Portland Brew East

1921 Eastland Avenue

Nasvhille, TN


2 thoughts on “November 10,2012 Poetry in the Brew Features Ben Burr

  1. Cannot make it this month. Have another friend I am going to see her show. Thanks for invite. Patricia

    Patricia Leonard

    Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Actress

    Patricia Leonard & Associates

    615-406-9644 Mobile

    615-265-8146 Office

    Twitter: @DivaPatricia

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  2. burrben says:

    Reblogged this on butwhatthehell and commented:
    next saturday!!!!

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