Walker Bass Features on January 12, 2013 at Poetry in the Brew

Chance Chambers Hosts Poetry in the Brew in January!

Need inspiration to write?  January Theme is Movement.

Walker Bass Features!

Walker Bass writes from coffee shops in Nashville, TN, is in his final semester at MTSU’s Writer’s Loft, and lives with his wife in East Nashville. 


When her husband, King Osiris,

was attacked and scattered in pieces,

Isis scoured Earth for ages,

gathered him.  She then transformed

to golden energy, flew around mate,

sang incantations of grace until life

was sewn in him.  This death respite

could not last so they entwined

a final time and from their love

was born a son.

Crisis.  Out of the bitterness

of the word the ancient Isis rises.

From the first syllable grief spills

and in that turmoil she is overshadowed,

hidden, but she is there and magical,

one step behind strife, ready to heal

what’s left, to make the best of now.

Patient, she waits to renew loss

to present gain, whispering “is…is.”

                                                                        Walker Bass

Walker is featured on one of our videos from August, 2012 post, scroll down to view!

Poetry in the Brew

Portland Brew East

1910 Eastland Avenue

Nasvhille, TN

Sign-up at 5:30

Reading starts at 6:30


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