6:00 to 8:30

Sign-up starts at 5:30

Guest Host:  Shaun Stallings

Featuring the founder of Poetry in the Brew,


Michael Alan Pierce, Map…, grew up in Anderson Indiana in the 60’s. He visioned what life would be in the hippie age and always wanted to live that way throughout his life. In the early 70’s he experimented with a variety of drugs which led him to wanting to try to live in TN to be with his dad. What he found in the south was a simple life and adapted that style of living but found himself in a life of drug dealing and addiction. It wasn’t till he was in jail that he found an interest in writing. He started writing to his wife and found poetry as an escape to some sort of freedom.

In the mid 90’s he was invited to his first poetry reading and became known as a poet with a purpose. His writing covered addiction with a Spiritual message. He always wanted to write something that will last throughout the times. He wrote a couple of small books that got him noticed as a writer with a special touch.

After serving four years in prison he was sad to learn poetry dried up. There wasn’t any poetry readings that brought the poets that he knew gathering in venues. This was a dark time for Map… and was happy that the poets came together for a Memorial for Joe Speer. It was there that they talked of finding a venue to help them and new poets perform on a regular basis. After several inquiries Map… found Portland Brew East was happy to give them a try. Map… never wanted this venue to be his so he enlisted a fine host of poets to help make Poetry in the Brew a venue everyone would want to come to.

He took great joy in being the founder of this venue but found his writing lacked more peace than ever before. He couldn’t imagine him performing the poems everyone enjoyed years ago so he took a few months to start writing a novel and short stories which found him being published. His life of addiction took a toll on him and he entered recovery which had him writing a small collection of Christian Base Drug Recovery Poems and short stories, “Praying Poems.” To those who have seen this they praise it as a Modern Day Psalm. This collection is sacred to him and he wants to use the profits to go to halfway houses. Map… poetry has changed over the years but have proven to write with a purpose with all he does.  Here is a link to a radio interview: http://connectmadisoncounty.com/podcast/the-week-ending/450-the-week-ending-january-26-2013

The March theme is Fear, don’t let it scare you out of writing something new!


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