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Poetry in the Brew on June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013

Poetry in the Brew

Open Mic Poetry Reading

Second Saturday of the Month 

Located at

Portland Brew East

1921 Eastland Avenue

East Nashville, TN  37206

Sign-Up at 5:30

Starts at 6:00 

If you need inspiration to write, try our theme:  Patience.

This month, Poetry in the Brew welcomes back our old friend Vol Lindsey as host, and we are pleased to announce Tiana Clark as this month’s feature.

Tiana Clark

Tiana Clark has written poetry since childhood, but it was in Nashville’s Hume-Fogg Academic High School where her craft was honed under the tutelage of creative writing teacher Bill Brown. She continued to be mentored under Brown for a semester at Middle Tennessee State University’s Writer’s Loft program. Clark’s poems have appeared in Sisterhood, Southern Voices: Volume 8, The Southwestern Review, and All The Livelong Day: Motif Anthologies, Volume 3. 


Dust bowl allergens waft lyric soaked wishes

blown as tiny dandelion feathers through Nashville.

At night the halo of church billboards illuminate,

Jesus speak like honey, taste the sweet tea

on the tip of every tongue,

daily scriptures cooking soul food,

for even the most crumbly cornbread must testify!

The skyline tessellates hillsides spilling and spooning

into a meticulous plan of ahhhhh-men.

-Tiana Clark


Please join Poetry in the Brew on May 11, 2013

at Portland Brew East located at 1921 Eastland Avenue Nashville, TN 37206.

The founder of Poetry in the Brew is Map… and he is hosting this month.

Our feature for the month is the legendary C Ra McGuirt.  With Captain D. Phillip Caron, C Ra co-hosted Nashville’s longest-running open mic reading, Poetry in a Pub, at Windows on the Cumberland, from 1986-1993. C Ra also published The Penny Dreadful Review poetry magazine during the 90s, showcasing both out of town and local poets. His monthly open house for creative people drew a diverse crowd of Nashville’s finest wordsmiths, who became known as the Dreadful House Poets. C Ra has hundreds of poems in print in various magazines. A volume of his collected poems, “NOpoem”, has been published by Scars Press, along with “Blue Collar Ballet”, C Ra’s true account of his days as a professional wrestler. “Blue Collar Ballet” is now available on Kindle. C Ra is currently working on a new book, “Kayfables”, an exploration of the nature of words and reality. He lives with his wife Maxine and twin sons Logan and Morgan in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. But C Ra also keeps a crib in Nashville, because sometimes he just has to stand on Tennessee dirt.

931243_512398208826829_309940972_n C Ra photo











Anarchy Boys

My new place is in the back
bordered by lightly wooded fields
on two sides, & the Interstate
beyond the field to the North.
I still hear the distant grumble of the highway,
but no traffic passes my window now
except the teenage boys. I’ve seen several,
all in denim. One with the Anarchy sign
painted on the back of his jacket,
& one with a precocious beard,
all of them almost running
in shambling awkward urgency
to vault the futile fence
as if on their way
to some secret & exciting sanctuary.
Yesterday, one of them climbed
an inconsequential tree
just across the fence
like there was an answer
at the top.
Two are passing my window now.
I choose to believe they’re destined for
wherever they go to talk about
the meaning of life, & all that stuff.
they’re probably headed to smoke some weed,
& lie about the girls.
Either way, I like to see them passing.
Keep on leaping the fence,
Anarchy Boys.
–C Ra McGuirt

COME SIGN-UP at 5:30


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