JULY 13, 2013 Poetry in the Brew

Robin E. Wilson Features July 13, 2013 

Poetry in the Brew

Portland Brew East

1921 Eastland Avenue

Nashville, TN

Sign-up at 5:30

Reading 6:00 -8:30

July 13, 2013 Feature for Poetry in the Brew

Robin E. Wilson

Activist/Author/Educator/Entrepreneur…Woman of Words, Robin E. Wilson was born and raised in Nashville, TN. Her love for the arts has been cultivated for decades and began at the knee of her great-grandmother who read for her each day from what she believed to be a “magic book” because it never ran out of fascinating stories with amazing characters. It wasn’t until the age of six that Robin learned the book had a title, “The Bible”. Known to be a drama queen (the good kind) she channels her energy into making a difference in the lives of everyone she comes into contact with. Robin is a teacher in every sense of the word, sharing wisdom, knowledge, and good old horse sense. She is a proud mother, loyal friend, breast cancer survivor, and seeker of truth. Keep your eyes and ears open because this woman has something to say that is definitely worth hearing.


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