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Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

This month’s Poetry in the Brew features Rob “Lyric” Beats.

June Feature Rob “Lyric” Beats


Robert Farentino Betts Jr.–born and Raised in Nashville, TN.

I first started writing poetry, in college, as a way to release bottled up emotions. Sometimes we hold onto things and carry them around with us and poetry was a way for me to drop the bags and turn the contents into something to inspire me. Then after feedback from friends that my work was actually decent enough to share I began to perform at open-mics around Austin Peay’s campus.

The deeper I got into rhyme schemes and metaphors, I realized the power and influence that words carry and decided to use them for an even greater purpose. I am a spoken word activist; the goal of my work is to inspire creativity, deep thought and action inside our communities. I aspire to inform and entertain simultaneously all in the idea of love and positive vibes. I draw inspiration from any and everything that I see, things I hear, taste, smell and feel. I believe a true artist should use all the senses. Langston Hughes, the Last Poets, Gill Scott Heron, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Kendrick Lamar, are just a few of the artists that I also draw inspiration from and look up to creatively.

The name “Rawyalty” was inspired by the raw desserts business that I do on the side but it is also the name of the Organization I founded. Being a poet I wanted to create a space for other poets and artists to come and share their crafts as well thus the organization gave birth to the “Raw Open Mic” A show that I host on a monthly basis. The two mottos of “Rawyalty” are “Elevated Legacy Levitating Excellence” and “Cultivating Creativity though Inspiration”.

“There are Successful people and important people. Successful people aren’t always remembered but the important ones are.” -Me

I am striving to become an important person.


Love Storms

I love it when it storms because i imagine me as the thunder and you as the lightning.

You strike with an electric jolt that sends me rumbling in a shock craved frenzy,

The bed is our earth and we for play in the skies,

I quake the sheets under my demonstration of affection and you light up my world with displays of electric elation,

We hover over the mattress like overfilled clouds,

Crackling love strikes and exploding, thunderous pleasure sounds.

The electricity Sparks streak between us across our moist bodies of clouds,

Spilling with showers of emotional precipitation, creating tornados from our heavy breaths, funneling,

Spiraling out, into the ether,

Your cloud bursts and torrential down pours accompany fierce lightning,

The rhythm of the stroke rumbling and vibrating throughout us both,

As we water our seeds of the earth with our love,

We hover just above the sky and lay there together,

The clouds as our mattress,

….I love it when our love storms.