Nashville’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at

Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

For December’s show, our feature poet is Georgia Caldwell with guest host Chris Whitelaw.

December Feature Georgia Caldwell

GeorgiaCaldwellMy name is Georgia Caldwell and I was born and raised Yankee with a love for the South. I am a lot of things! But mostly a human being with life experiences that have changed me. A being that is in search of truth, purpose, love, and some peace. Someone that doesn’t mind sharing this life I’ve been given especially if it brings any good to the reader or hearer. It seems for everything I really like to do at times I like to really do the opposite too! I was very inquisitive as a child and still am. I have always been creative and loved the arts, anything with feeling and passion. I come from a family of addiction, abuse, and other dysfunctions and my writings reflect a lot of the pain, loss, confusion, healing, and hope I have experienced and still do. I started writing in February of 2014 after being encouraged by a soul that seemed to see mine so clearly or at least clearer than I did. I had no idea what would happen with these poems but it didn’t matter. The release was spiritually powerful. Some days 4 or 5 would come out of me and it was a purging—it’s the only word that fits the experience. A year was coming and I had over 100 poems. I had read at a few open mic events. My first was Writings on the Wall at Atmalogy, next Night of Free Speech, and then Poetry in the Brew. Everywhere I read I was supported and embraced. My friends and family as well supported and encouraged me. As soon as Calliope Magazine began I had my first published poem there. I was so honored. Since that I have had one more poem published with Calliope and on March 31st, 2015, self-published my first book called Purgings. Purgings Part Two was published October of 2015. I earnestly pray that the Creator will allow these words and purgings to continue. They have blessed me and healed me in a way no other experience has. So this book Purgings is for the children with no voice, the teen that is labeled and misunderstood, and the adult hiding their pain behind some dysfunction.

December Guest Host Chris Whitelaw

ChrisWhitelaw_hostChris Whitelaw lives and works in Davidson County, usually performing spoken word pieces throughout the Nashville circuit. Chris has been writing and performing since the age of 12, having his work published in various college newspapers as well as local literary magazines. Aside from his love for literature, poetry and the English language in general, Chris is passionate about finding new ways to become more spiritual each day, a lifestyle that has helped him maintain his sobriety since August of 2015. Much of Chris’ recent work reflects his constant desire for personal growth. A former resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Chris does what he can to support and encourage fellow writers to keep the art of poetry and creative writing alive and well in the Athens of the South.

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