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December’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

As cold weather comes and we draw close to another night of sharing the spoken word, we recognize those homeless in our community who need help in the form of action. For this year’s Holidays for the Homeless drive, we’re accepting donations of new socks in partnership with Home Street Home Ministries. See you Dec. 10, socks on feet and, if you can, also in hand.

Located at

Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

December Feature Joshua Moore

joshuamooreJoshua Moore is a 2014 graduate of Eureka College where he studied English Creative Writing and Biology Pre-Medicine, and was a recipient of the Ronald W. Reagan Fellowship. After a brief stint as an oncological researcher at Tuskegee University, Joshua decided to place his med-school aspirations on hold in order to first purse his love of poetry and attain an MFA. A member of the Porch Writers Collective, Joshua is the facilitator of The Porch’s poetry book club as well as director of the poetry on demand project. He currently spends his days caught in the mill of work, writing, and grad-school application prep, daydreaming of his future self; a world traveling poet/professional who also happens to be Black Batman.