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May’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at

Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

May Feature Honest Lewis

HonestLewisHonest Lewis is an author, activist, organizer, and polemicist – the Diogenes of the Cumberland River. He is the author of the novel Parasites, has one novel awaiting publication, and is always at work on his next project. Lewis hosts the monthly event the Night of Free Speech and is the editor at DNR Publishing – a small press that specializes in subversive and transgressive literature. For his Poetry in the Brew feature, Lewis has gone through over 2000 pages of his published and unpublished novels, prose, poetry, essays, polemics, and journalistic efforts, compiling a unique performance piece from this surgical curation of his own work. Lewis is fond of dinosaurs, sharks, octopuses, Thomas Hobbes, Shirley Jackson, and anything that quickens the pulse, inflames and incites the mind. Honest Lewis is not honest.

LewisatthebrewHere is a poem by Lewis:

T-Rex Poem 1.

This is a book of dinosaur poems.
Not every one of these poems will be about
The Tyrannosaurus Rex,
and yet there will be a lot of
Tyrannosaurus Rex.
So don’t worry.
You will get your fix of T-Rex.
Also, mentioned will be Velociraptors,
As well as some stuff you haven’t heard of
So I look smart.

This particular poem is a T-Rex poem
In that it references not only T-Rexes
But both the authors and the readers desires
for poetry about the Tyrannosaurus Rex
This T-Rex poem is aware of its own existence
And references itself
As a T-Rex poem –
Which makes it a T-rex meta-poem.
If you read this aloud at a yell
It would be a T-rex meta-slam-poem.
That this T-rex meta-slam-poem exists in
Awareness of its shouted self-referencing is a built in
Ironic device
Where in
It claims its place in
the post-modern tradition.
But this post-modern T-Rex meta-slam poem knows
That by claiming its place in the post-modern tradition
it proves itself to be more post-post-modern or hypermodern
or whatever term they will use to describe this work
and works like it
in some unknown number of years.
When it comes time to categorize it,
Label it,
And stash it somewhere,
Along some time-line
of whatever
And what not.
Right now there is an asteroid out there with your
name on it
And if you are lucky enough
To find yourself well-preserved
There is a
A museum as well.