July’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:

Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

July Feature Kat Marsh


Born into an earthly form to help those near and far, Kat uses her works and voice to inspire, humor, provoke, and remind all that we all are deserving of happiness and love. Her expressions range from the coy to the taboo breathing perspectives to things that are sometimes overlooked—even when it hurts. She’s not afraid of a good release. She has been heard around town at Poetry in the Brew, A Night of Free Speech, Writings on the Wall, An Art Affair by Olasubomi, The Literary Jazz Festival, award ceremonies, and more.

She is a hiking nerdlet who is always exploring people and places. If she’s not writing, she’s dancing, watching a film, or enjoying her heart song.

Come check her out. Her voice is soothing, and you might just hear her sing.

Here’s an excerpt from Kat’s poem We’re Romans and Greeks:

You’re kept busy with entertainment, sports
So, with politics, you won’t have retorts
The Romans and Greeks did it right
Kept them busy with the games
Kept them distracted with blades
Kept perplexed with sex so carnal ways not be vexed
While feeding a beast of cruelty and power
And numbing the idea that all men and women alike be towers


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