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December’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:

Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

December Feature Robert Parker

Robert Parker believes in the Faeries, and that he might in fact be a changeling. He misplaces keys often. He is infested with rhythm that manifests as poetry and the stitching together of electronic music. He’s always been at most a distant cousin of any tribe he visits…always a visitor, never a tribesman.


Check out Robert’s work on tumblr and Mixcloud, and enjoy this sample of his poetry:

Judge Hennie
offers to pay a penny
pecked from the
flesh of your face
[along with a heaping side
of sharp thoughtful wit
willed to disgrace]
for every pound of
fleshless spectral insult
you failed to deliver
to her door,
yet yours to endure.

She cares less
that she sits
on her bench
and you
life’s gallows-paths
have trod,
and obtained
the one-eyed wisdom
to tell
the time
when you know
it won’t go
so well.

So sentence thyself
to forty years of shrugs,
satchel thy back,
jump thy fence…

And get thee hence.