June’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:
Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

June Feature Corey White

Poetry inspired by Hip Hop and Art.

When I was younger I could draw better than I could write. They wanted me to write ‘A’ and had an apple beside it. I drew the apple. I always learned differently, but poetry and hip hop helped me find joy in writing.

I believe art is about displaying extraordinary emotion. Love, beauty, tragedy, pain, life, death heaven, hell and everything in between. I figured out, you have to display this through your eyes. So, now I call myself an artist. I use many different media. I’m a painter, writer, poet, drummer, hip hop, visual, graphic, and landscape artist. I create.

I’m passionate about showing the beauty in the world. It is the beauty seen as I see it.
So when someone likes, hates or loves my art, they connect to me somehow. One of the most important things I’ve learned to do as an artist is to create something new. Not necessarily new to the world, but new to you.

Love Poem

A poem to love

I love you Love

I love you Love

It’s the meaning of life.
It’s always right.
It’s there in the air as we always knew it to be.
It’s in you it’s in me
It’s what we should be.
We can have it whenever you want it.
Because it’s in us all,
but we stall, we pause,
We run, we hide.
We decide to not take the risk.
We’re basically running away from bliss.
If you ever had any questions,
It truly does exist.

It’s God. It’s good all the time.
It’s what keeps me whole and saves my mind.
It gives me what I need at the right time.
It’s the only thing
that has ever really gotten me out of a bind.

It’s creation over destruction.
It’s my foundation and my function.
It’s forgiveness for malfunction.
It’s willpower over seduction.
It’s a whistleblower in corruption.
It’s a baby that’s been breastfed.
It’s a servant of God that has been led.
Always giving of its self
& it has unlimited wealth.
But not flashy or popular
Because it moves in stealth.
It’s freedom in the face of death.
It will be all that is left.
It’s as simple as feeding a hungry child
As complex as saving animals in the wild
It’s in the strongest person you know
It’s the only thing that ever allows you to grow
It’s that real planted seed.
It’s that forgiveness that you need.
It’s that miracle that only you see.
It’s the fact there is a me.
It’s that sacrifice no one believes
The same way the trees lose their leaves
The sun yields to night
How you started out wrong,
But you’re going to end up right.
You know the person that helped you
And it wasn’t even their fight.
It is the strength that gets you through
If you only knew how it would help you
If you let it,
it will make every part of you anew.

Please… just, let it do, what it do.
It’s the best thing that ever happen to you.
It’s the best thing you’ve ever known
It’s proof that you’ve grown.
It’s telling the truth to your friends
It’s the only thing that never ends
It will satisfy your soul
It’s the thing that…
Finally, makes you whole.
It is…
Lord knows it is
You know & I know it is.
It is
It is the only reason why
there is
infinite, infinite infinite power
in the words words words
I Love you…
Love, I Love you

Follow Corey White on facebook, and keep up with community happenings in the Nashville Poetry Events and Nashville Visual Arts groups.

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