July’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:
Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30
Reading starts at 6:00

July Feature Craig Freeman

Craig Freeman

Craig Freeman, a Nashville native, is a creative writer who weaves introspection into intricate woven rhythmic poetry, essays and short stories. He utilizes his writing to provoke thought and question behavior.

In the summer of 2016, he steered away from the traditional corporate flow to dive deeper into the stream of his creative abilities. “Self expression lives at the core of the human experience; without it we limit life’s offering.”

Soul on Fire.

Life is short
But it’s the longest thing / you’ll ever do /
What will you do / between the line /
Of your time / before night sets on your eyes /

Windsor knot ties / choked the voice
In my mind / blind thoughts
Told me what I ought to see /
Then I smelt the coffee /

Pyramid schemes / stole my dreams /
News screens / say what to think /
I can’t even blink / without clicking on a fake link / So out of sync /

Have to disconnect / from the internet
And introspect / the thoughts of my flesh /
Find faith in every step I take /
Can I find my pace / in this zombie race /

Some days / I can’t recognize my face /
Misplaced masks / followed tasks /
For the cash / as I ash / my burning soul /
For someone else’s high /

How many lives / will it take to see who am I / while I’m alive

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