March’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:
Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30pm
Reading starts at 6:00pm

March Feature Cassidy Martin

Cassidy MartinCassidy Martin was raised all over Nashville. She has been writing since she was 12 and has had her nose stuck in a book all her life. She works at the Nashville Public Library and considers downtown her home. She attends Trevecca Nazarene University pursuing a degree in Communications but is open to other ideas. She likes creating visual and verbal art, but she only sings in the shower. With a mixture of natural leadership, religious optimism, heavy satire, and genuine sincerity, she lives life by pushing through the cracks of the sidewalk with open petals. She hopes to water her fellow humans with liquid courage and life experiences disguised as poetry.

A willingness to engage with topics of any nature, whether graphic, explicit, or simply human, characterizes Cassidy’s potent writing. The following poem of hers may touch sensitive areas, where poetry can do true work.

A Poem of Things I Need to Hear

You don’t have to know how to go about the rest of your life
You don’t need to stress about eating day old pizza at 11 pm
Your mom loves you
You need to stop worrying about what time you go to bed
You’re not gaining weight
You still look great even with purple very permanent hair dye you decided to try the day after christmas
It’s okay to cry for 10 minutes about absolutely everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.
You don’t have to rush yourself in the morning so brush your teeth for however long you want
Your mom still loves you
It’s okay for your vagina to have off days
And really really on days
at the same time
It’s okay if you don’t brush your hair everyday
It’s okay if you forget to brush your teeth
It okay if you have an anxiety attack because you didn’t finish a movie all the way through and you thought about it all day the next and then finished right where you left off
It’s not okay to not eat
It is okay if you happen to overeat
But not anymore because that’s why you threw up 6 times the next day after 6 years of never throwing up
It’s okay if your bookshelf gets dusty
It’s okay if your phone dies while you’re using it to listen to music in the shower
It’s okay to not want to talk
Or write
Or think
Or be awake
It’s okay to not be okay
It’s okay if no one likes you
And yes
Your mom still really really loves you.

Find Cassidy Martin on Facebook and Instagram.
See Cassidy’s State of the Word performance from her time as Nashville Youth Poet Laureate:

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