August’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:
Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30pm
Reading starts at 6:00pm

Each reader on the open mic gets a turn to share one poem in the 1st round, and anyone who places a star next to their name on the sign-up list may have another turn in the 2nd round.

August Feature Via Perez

Via was raised in the hills of Tennessee, and originally used writing as an outlet for the frustrations of youth. As time passed it formed into a way of life. She has lived a lot of places and worked many occupations, but for Via poetry remains a constant. It’s a way to translate the human experience, which can so often be tangled in the day to day. Her work is cryptic and can be interpreted in any way you please. Just let the words be absorbed.

This is the first piece Via read aloud in 12 years and also the first piece she read at Poetry in the Brew.

Self Portrait 1

Shades of silver glinting off the open pool.
All that has passed can be wrapped on a spool, most likely by the fool in the flower pattern.

That was once the marking of your soul.All the love I ever had. 
So grand.So full.Apologies.None I could spare for you.
How truly wise you have become.
Almost as wise as a child.With somber Solene eyes.She smiles because she is wild.You stumble because you simply cannot jump, perhaps if I tug.
The way your hand lies so limp on the crumpled sheet. 
I can almost take an interest in you.
As for your tears; they have no affect on me.
You can cry and cry out for as long as you wish.
When you are done I will still be here. 
Willing and golden.If you plan to cancel all your other plans. 
What remains will be tender words rendered by a beautiful mouth such as yours.

With a laugh and a smile.
A push and purge.
A cat and a hard wood floor.
A creak in the hall.
A sound in the breeze.
A linear motion out of old forgotten weeds.
A famous artist with hair streaming quite as black as yours.
You will remember me as I planned all along. 
Finally you may have permission to be plain and adored.


We’ll look for you come the 2nd Saturday, and till then, you can read more of Via’s older work at Ophelia Zerep – poet at allpoetry.

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