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October’s Second Saturday Open Mic Poetry Reading

Located at:
Portland Brew East
1921 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Sign-up at 5:30pm
Reading starts at 6:00pm

Each reader on the open mic gets a turn to share one poem in the 1st round, and anyone who places a star next to their name on the sign-up list may have another turn in the 2nd round.

October Feature Shawn Renee

Shawn Renee is a fledgling in the poetry community but you’d never guess she hasn’t always shaped the wind around her wings and soared. Born in Haun Germany on an airforce base, she quickly returned to the states before the age of one and has breathed Tennessee air ever since. She enjoys art in all forms, from sketching to painting and sculpting; but words have always been the ink flowing through her paper veins.

When asked where her love of writing stems from, Shawn states:

“I don’t think I can specifically pinpoint a time or a person. I think words have always lived in me. Pretty sure I was scribbling on my mother’s egg with my tail as a sperm in her womb. Words and all other forms of creative expression are the only things that make sense in this backward world. It was the only way I could make sense of it. The only way I could be seen and heard. All other times I was expected to be nothing more than a closed mouth and a pair of ears.”

Shawn can be reached and enjoyed on her newly created but promising pages and sites. She truly hopes you’ll pay her a visit.

Sample a poem from Shawn here, then find her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.

Before They Valued My Silence

What do you remember from your birth, he asks

Words, I say

Because I remember…
being a face full of ink blinks
and a body of wiggling calligraphy 
my skin pale parchment
soggy and crumpled
but still scribbling screams 
from fragile lungs

I remember 
being words