Poetry in the Brew Online Open Mic Poetry Reading
Saturdays at 6 PM Central on Zoom

Reading from 6 – 8:00 PM CDT Sat. May 1. Join us on zoom (session opens 5:45 PM):

Based in Nashville, hosted and organized by Christine Hall, with special thanks to our zoom moderator and benefactor Jo Collins.

The zoom session begins at 5:45 PM CDT with 15 minutes of free chat. Reading starts at 6:00 PM. Each poet has 4 minutes to share their words. Practice reading or reciting before the show to check the length of your material. Please be respectful of time so everyone gets a turn.

EDIT. Signup is full. Join the waitlist here:

When you send the form, you will receive a confirmation on this page. We will follow up with an email of the list order at the end of the week, before the reading. Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or requests at We look forward to seeing and hearing you soon!

Here’s a video of our April 24th open mic:

featuring Scott Pleasants, Ashley Atz, Michael Sindler, Maggie Hall, Hil, Clive Oseman, Markey Mark Symmonds, Generalissimo Bryan Franco, Gary Huskisson, Jeff Cottrill, Doc Janning, Phynne~Belle, Jo Collins, Henry L. Jones, Nina Adel, Jon Wesick, Pamela O. Brown, Carl Lowe, Areelcampaign – Kevin Payne, Katie Thompson, Caroline Minter, Martin Parker, Ray Zimmerman, Greg Slade, and Margaret O’Regan

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