Tomato Art Fest Haiku Contest Winners

Congrats to this year’s crop of winners! 


1st: Katherine Brick and Zach Blair

Vines invade thy yard
Bow down ye peas and carrots
Long live tomato!

2nd: Heather Liddington

Summer in the south,
Maters’ fried, tea on my lips,
Y’all, we do it right.

3rd: Camille Tambunting
perhaps it is the color of the sun cut flat

purling tomatoes,
how sweet when sundered, the sun
pulsing in its flesh

Honorable Mentions:

Jake Dowler

Red waxing gibbous,
blood moon on the horizon
of my dinner plate

Taylor Emery

Gardeners’ heirlooms—
Amethyst, rubies, emeralds,
Edible summer jewels

Aimee Johnson
Shakshuka Recipe 

Oil. Peppers. Onions.
Mash tomatoes with a spoon.
Crack in eggs. Simmer.

Bliss Button-Hale

Tomatoes will grow.
Intentionally or not,
tomatoes will grow.

Ali Hendrickson

My regal red friends
Catch eyes with crown-laden heads
Queens of the garden

Deep scarlet in hue
Yet heavy like gold in hand
Richer than Buffett

You’re not an apple
But I consume you like one
Juice trickles down wrists


1st: Rick Willmott

Do you know how to      
Fix a broken tomato?
Try tomato paste.

2nd: Bryan Franco

A jalapeño
asked a tomato to dance,
and salsa was born.

3rd: Maya Ahuja
Tomato Hunks

Sign me up for that
Beefsteak Better Boy. Need me
a Mortgage Lifter.

Honorable Mentions:

Wendy Weisner

Haters gonna hate
Uniter, not divider.
Maters gonna mate

Caley Foster
A Tomato’s Choice

You can be rotten
Or you can be an heirloom.
Make your mama proud.

Caroline Burrows

To martyr? To mate?
To veg out, or be fruitful?
My cherry. My choice!


1st: Asher Lekki, age 11

When I see ketchup,
Red tears tumble down like rain.
I’m a tomato.

2nd: Lewis Campbell, age 11

Tomatoes are fruit.
No, wait. Are they vegetables?
Well, both can be good.  

3rd: Sterling Lekki, age 9

You need to ketchup.
Or I am going to win.
I will win the crown.


1st: Elizabeth Clark

A tomato as ripe as a peach,
if only my small arms could reach.
But I’m just an ant, so clearly I can’t;
guess I’ll just sit here and screech.

2nd: Anita Louie
The Journey of a Tomato

Below the ground a fragile seed takes root
As summer rainfall tickles earthy soil
The dainty tendrils unfurl into spouts
And wriggle up, relentless in their toil.

They poke their heads up, greeting beams of sun
Their morning dew drops glisten in the light
Their time above has only just begun
But they will have to fight a brutal fight

Days shift to nights, nights shift to days and weeks
The sprouts begin to blossom marigold
They shiver through the storms and rains so bleak
But not once do they falter, standing bold

The summer dwindles but the field still glows
With plump and juicy ruby tomatoes.

3rd: Taylor Emery

Some think a peach blush,
The odor of suntan lotion
Signal summer’s here.
Others believe
Tomato red vibrancy
Summer harbinger

It was a full-fledged blast presenting these at the Tomato Art Fest on Saturday. A heaping helping of thanks to all our contributors and everyone who showed up to share in the festivities. Gargantuan gratitude to our judges, Black Widow aka Gina Carrillo, Wonder Woman Rising Sara Minges, and Brandon Long of the Prodigal Poets!

New Book Alert!

Terri Rose-Jertson, who delights us with her poetry and presence whenever she graces the Brew, has released The Chameleon Chronicles: Words Never Spoken (Read or Green Books, 2022).

You can arrange to get your copy direct from Terri on Instagram. Cash App and PayPal ( accepted/$15 plus $3 for shipping.

Finally, another shout out to our August 13 feature Brandon Long for bringing in the biggest crowd we’ve seen since before pandemic. The loft was packed, the poetry was flowing, and the camaraderie was real. We’ll see you next month, online Sat. Sept. 3, and at Portland Brew East with feature Jam on Sat. Sept. 10.

2 thoughts on “Tomato Art Fest Haiku Contest Winners

  1. cazzzaaa says:

    They’re all fab. I love the images you’ve chosen for them too. I’m now worrying in case I posted too soon about mine being highly commended? I thought it was ok after u sent the certificate, but if I got it wrong and should’ve waited until after this posting, I really am sorry if so. And I’m really grateful to have been a part of thus Tomato Art Fest. Caroline x

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