January: recess

February: K H A O S Feature

March: Liz Feature

April 2: James C. Floyd Feature on Zoom

April 9: Silence Wordsmith Feature at Portland Brew East

May 7: Open Mic on Zoom

May 14: Portland Brew East Open Mic featuring Jeff Cottrill (from Toronto, Canada!)

June 4: Open Mic on Zoom

June 11: Portland Brew East Open Mic featuring Lyss Hart

July 2: Open Mic on Zoom

July 9: Portland Brew East Open Mic featuring Chris “Blk Sol” Hill (from Wichita, Kansas!)

August 6: Open Mic on Zoom

August 12-13: Tomato Art Fest (Tomato Haiku Contest winners announced Saturday the 13th)

August 13: Portland Brew East Open Mic featuring Brandon Long

September 3: Open Mic on Zoom

September 10: Jam features at Portland Brew East

September 17: Poetry Popup on the Labyrinth at Scarritt Bennett

October 8: Kendra DeColo features at Portland Brew East

November 12: John Winston Heacock features at Portland Brew East

November 17: Poet’s Corner at Scarritt Bennett features Brew host Christine Hall


January: Special K and Des Mannay

February: Jo Collins and Markey Mark Symmonds

Special Event Sun. Feb. 14: St. Valentine’s Day Mascara

March: Odes to Jo/Pi Day Celebration

April: 5th Annual TN Poets Day

May: Still-at-Home! Fringe LitFest

June: Sinew: 10 Years of Poetry in the Brew cover reveal

July: 10th Anniversary! Scenic Roots interview

Special Event Sun. Aug. 1: Poetry Popup

August: Hil Hoover feature

September: Billy Henderson feature

October: C.I. Aki feature

November: Landrew Sevel feature

December: Carolyn Connolly feature


January: recess

February: MAMA Feature

March: recess 

April: online readings begin, Angry Poems workshop w/Joanna Collins

May: online open mic goes weekly

June: Black Voices Matter—Poems of Protest

July: online open mic goes international

August: Isolation—An Online Poetry Event

September: A Poetic Tribute to James C. Floyd “The Jefferson St. Poet”
and K H A O S

October: Say It Louder: Time for Change

November: Caroline Minter and Carl Lowe

December: Navita Gunter and Gary Huskisson


January: Owen Flanagan Feature

February: Dominique Substance Hayes Feature

March: Cassidy Martin Feature 

April: Leslie Garcia Feature

May: Destiny O. Birdsong Feature

June: Serge Ray Rodrigo Feature

July: Ananda Lima Feature

August: Via Perez Feature

September: El Feature

October: Shawn Renee Feature

November: *No Feature November*

December: Spoke N-Words Feature


January: Angie Gonzalez Feature

February: Cynthia Ring Feature

March: Windows Revival IV hosted by C Ra McGuirt

April: Andrea Pilot Feature

May: Sommer Jade Feature

June: Corey White Feature

July: Craig Freeman Feature *PitB 7th Anniversary* 

August: Tricia Schwaab Feature

September: Regan Smith Feature

October: Andrew Dillon Feature

November: Early-Sign Up Special

December: Frank “Frizzy” Sykes Feature


January: Emily Joy Feature

February: Henry L. Jones Feature

March: Windows Revival III hosted by C Ra McGuirt

April: Ari Eastman Feature

May: Honest Lewis Feature

June: Ciona Rouse Feature

July: Kat Marsh Feature

August: Caroline Randall Williams Feature

September: Mo Christo Feature

October: Jamal Jazz Ukwu Feature 

November: Amy Mattison Feature

December: Robert Parker Feature


January: Tiana Clark Feature, Ciona Rouse Host

February: Chance Chambers Feature, Tricia Schwaab Host

March: WINDOWS AT THE BREW Reunion Show hosted by C Ra McGuirt

April:  Jon Taylor Feature, Christine Hall Host

May: Drake Moreno Feature, JR Robles Host

June: Bradley K. Meyer Feature, Cindi Seward Host

July: K H A O S Feature, Map… Host

August: Legoule Liander Feature

September: James C. Floyd Jr. aka “The Jefferson St. Poet” Feature

October: Mike “Map…” Pierce Feature, Chance Chambers Host

November: Dana Malone Feature

December: Joshua Moore Feature


January:  Dave Cuomo Feature, Walker Bass Host

February: Amanda Gayle Oliver Feature (rescheduled for Aug.), Brian Daly Host

March: D. Phillip Caron and C Ra McGuirt Co-host WINDOWS AT THE BREW

April: Denise Satterfield Wilson Feature, Christine Hall Host

May: Leeah Vickers Feature, Dave Wright Host

June: K H A O S Feature, Denise Satterfield Wilson Host

July: Michelle Awad Feature, Joseph Powell Host

August: Amanda Gayle Oliver Feature, Jason Tomlinson Host

September: Joseph Powell Feature, Chance Chambers Host

October: C Ra McGuirt Feature, Christine Hall Host

November: Chris Whitelaw Feature, Allison Boyd Host

December: Georgia Caldwell Feature, Chris Whitelaw Host


January: Christine Hall Feature, Amanda Oliver Host

February: Alita Terry Feature, Leslie LaChance Host

March: Patricia Albrecht Feature, Walker Bass Host

April: Katovski Feature, James C. Floyd Host

May: Christian Collier Feature, Christine Hall Host

June: Rob “Lyric” Beats Feature, Jamie Zoe Givens Host

July: Jamie Zoe Givens Feature, Honest Lewis Host

August: Vol Lindsey Feature, Leeah Vickers Host

September: Walker Bass Feature, Christine Hall Host

October: C Ra McGuirt, Feature, James C. Floyd Host

November: recess

December: Valerie Ford Feature, Georgia Caldwell Host


January: Walker Bass Feature, Chance Chambers Host

February: Susan McBride Feature, Butterfly Host

March: Map… Feature, Shawn Stallings Host

April: Denise Satterfield Wilson Feature, James C. Floyd Host

May: C. Ra McGuirt Feature, Map… Host

June: Tiana Clark Feature, Vol Lindsey Host

July: Robin Wilson Feature, Diana Morningstar Host

August: Dana Malone Feature, L. J. Ratliff Host

September: Liliana Kohann Feature, Henry Jones Host 

October: Curtis Rose the Purple Poet Feature, Patricia Albrecht Host 

November: Kana Feature, Tiana Clark Host

December: Brian Daly Feature, Dana Malone Host


April: Vol Lindsey Host

May: Vol Lindsey Host

June: Jamie Collins Feature, Map… Host

July: James C. Floyd Jr. aka “The Jefferson St. Poet” Feature, Susan McBride Host

August: Jamie Zoe Givens Feature, N. Scott Reynolds Host

September: Navita Gunter Host 

October: Chance Chambers Feature, Jamie Collins Host 

November: Ben Burr Feature, Jamie Zoe Givens Host

December: Butterfly Feature, James C. Floyd Host

5 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. I’m glad that i found this site; i will plan on being in attendance in August.

    i am also inquiring about what steps to take to become a featured artist, i am a published author of two poetry books “Put Some Honey On It” and the latest book “In The Promises Of God, I Have Hope”.

  2. I am inquiring about your booking process for feature poets.

  3. […] takes place from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Pro Tip: Check out the featured poets and guest hosts on the event’s calendar. The next event takes place on Saturday, May 13, […]

  4. Dani Skye says:

    I am a spoken word artist from Saint Louis, Missouri. I am interested in either hosting or being a feature in 2019. Preferably April-Dec 2019. My stage name is Dani Skye and you can check me out on IG@daniskye1980 OR Facebook@daniskyeENT

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