Hosting Guidlines



1921 Eastland Avenue



Sign-up starts at 5:30.

Reading starts at 6:00.

Poetry in the Brew opens the reading, and when there’s a guest host, introduces them.

Each poet gets a couple poems or about 5 minutes on the mic.

Around 7:00, pass a hat for the folks at Portland Brew East, who stay open late just for us.

Halfway through the sign-up list, introduce the feature poet (15-minute set).

We end at about 8:30.


Have the sign-up sheet close by.

After introducing the next open mic poet, please adjust the mic height for the reader. Ideally, the mic should be even in height with the lower lip of the mouth.

If the guest host has any questions, he or she may ask the person working the sound system for help.



9 thoughts on “Hosting Guidlines

  1. Was so very pleased to see this email in my account for I did not know about this place it sounds very exciting! and fun!

  2. Navita Gunter says:

    I too am still excited and I look forward to inviting my friends to join me.

  3. Brad Stephens says:

    Hi, This is Brad Stephens, I read last night for the first time. I was wondering if you still needed readers for the Madison library event. If so I am willing and able to help out any way I can.

    • Hi Brad, thank you! The workshop is open to the community and we’d love for you to come share a poem with us. If you want to speak about inspiration and your writing process as it relates to the piece, you are welcome. Madison public library branch, Saturday, June 25 at 2 PM.

  4. David Weir says:

    Hi I write poetry and prose and I would love to stop by and tell one of my beautiful short poems!

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