Meet Your Host

photo by Daniel Meigs
for Nashville Scene

Hi. I’m Christine Hall, and I’m not talking about myself in the 3rd person. In November 2014, the original organizers asked me to steward this event.

Poetry in the Brew has always been what the community makes it. I am adamant that everyone gets a turn to share their voice and support one another in turn.

The work I do includes writing, editing, performing, publishing, producing, art directing, designing, curating, and emceeing. My first poetry performance was a 1995 zine release party at the Church Street mall, where the Nashville Public Library is now.

My work has appeared in Out & About Nashville, several anthologies, Be About It zine, and on MTA buses. I’ve performed with the Yoni Pearl Monologues, Cabaret Noir Collective, TSU, Third Man Records, and OZ Arts.

Advocating for the arts and sustainable gardening is essential in my life, and motherhood moves many of my expressions. My sons Jeru and TC have read at the Brew as well as with me at OZ for MusiCircus.

Together with Jo Collins, Matt Johnstone, and Henry L. Jones, I edited Sinew: 10 Years of Poetry in the Brew from April Gloaming Publishing. (Here’s an NPR interview about its release.) I also have a self-published book. Lately, I put my musings on Instagram @xineraquel.

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