Sinew: 10 Years of Poetry in the Brew

Read the review by Kashif Andrew Graham in the Nashville Scene: “At a time when politics and persecution threaten to divide, Sinew reminds that poetry will bind us together. This gathering of exceptional verse will undoubtedly garner the interest of budding and veteran poets alike. Those who value stories that are told with honesty, rebellion and love will cherish this collection.”

Ten years of hosting open mics in Nashville has seen some potent voices pass through Poetry in the Brew. The creative mecca of our town attracts talent from all over the planet, reflected in the pages of this anthology. Centering on the voices and topics of this momentous time, 76 contributors explore the theme of the body in terms palpable and etheric.

The pivotal viewpoints in such poems as Destiny Birdsong‘s “but some men call out the rapists,” Tiana Clark‘s “How To Write About Black People for white people,” “BLACK BODY” by local spoken word sensation MAMA ., and “Hatred” along with “MY DREAM” from revered community activist
K H A O S set the tone for a cathartic confrontation with our innermost selves on the public stage. This collection scalds with raw insights and applies enough sacred salve through deft verse to keep the reader reeling toward true revelation.

Sinew (April Gloaming, 2021) gathers the familiar names of esteemed poets with those who have never been published before in a fresh body of work from the US, UK, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia. Edited by the inaugural poet laureate of Hendersonville Henry L. Jones, Jo Collins—a poet who moonlights as a government attorney—and Poetry in the Brew host Christine Hall, Sinew embodies the hearty artistic spirit that is at home in Nashville yet connects us across the globe.

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