Open Mic Guidelines

Nashville’s longest-running poetry open mic, Poetry in the Brew celebrated its 11th anniversary in 2022. We welcome poets, spoken word artists, and storytellers to support one another and share in turn. Subscribe for first notice of events:

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Our community is committed to creating a safe space for coming together and sharing our work in honest vulnerability with mutual support. It’s imperative we recognize and maintain healthy boundaries no matter how close a connection we feel with another person. Be respectful, establish consent before contact, and let us know of anything that needs addressing.

Familiarize yourself with other participants’ pronouns, and practice correct usage to show respect. If you make a mistake, apologize and take steps to do better. We benefit individually and collectively from the active effort to grow as artists and people.

Please bring cash to tip Patrick and the Portland Brew East crew who stay open late for us when we gather in the loft. Tips for Poetry in the Brew are welcome in cash or via Cash App $PitBNash, PayPal @poetryinthebrew, and Venmo @ChristineRaquel.

This poetry community—this network we share of people interconnected by experience, sentiment, and common interests—affords us the opportunity to participate in free exchange and mutually benefit from the elevated discourse. Sometimes this involves an exploration of our basest instincts. We cover sensitive and raw areas in the course of poetry, and a range of emotions and perspectives.

Where specific advisories about content are appropriate, we encourage those. Hate speech is its own category. Slurs can only be reclaimed by people who these terms target. We recognize the importance of balancing our freedoms with responsibility, and the need for consideration in our efforts to connect. At our open mic, we value equity and inclusivity, and it is our imperative to create a welcoming environment for those whose voices might otherwise be marginalized. We invite contributions that deepen and progress this conversation, and shared celebration of our evolving selves, work, and relationships.

Email host Christine Hall with questions, requests, or suggestions:

12 thoughts on “Open Mic Guidelines

  1. Was so very pleased to see this email in my account for I did not know about this place it sounds very exciting! and fun!

  2. Navita Gunter says:

    I too am still excited and I look forward to inviting my friends to join me.

  3. Brad Stephens says:

    Hi, This is Brad Stephens, I read last night for the first time. I was wondering if you still needed readers for the Madison library event. If so I am willing and able to help out any way I can.

    • Hi Brad, thank you! The workshop is open to the community and we’d love for you to come share a poem with us. If you want to speak about inspiration and your writing process as it relates to the piece, you are welcome. Madison public library branch, Saturday, June 25 at 2 PM.

  4. David Weir says:

    Hi I write poetry and prose and I would love to stop by and tell one of my beautiful short poems!

  5. Hi, I have so many poet friends involved in Poetry in the Brew. I’d love to have a slot to read. Thanks!

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