Reading from 6-8 PM CST, Sat. the 27th of Nov. Join us on zoom (session opens 5:45 PM):

Based in Nashville, hosted and organized by Christine Hall, with special thanks to our zoom moderator and benefactor Jo Collins.

Each poet has 4 minutes to share their words. Please mind the time so everyone gets a turn.

Sign up for the open mic here:

When you send the form, you’ll get confirmation on this page. We will follow up at the end of the week with an email of the list order before the reading.

Our Nov. 13 reading at Portland Brew East featured Landrew Sevel, with 18 speakers on the open mic: Mo Christo, Billy H., Brandon Long, Classic Williams, K H A O S, Amy Hoskins, Jo(!), John Cochran, Liz, Malik Wood, Dennis, Helena, Lucy, Aspen, Rony, Silence Wordsmith, Sara Minges, and Greg Slade. We’ve got the pics, and you can watch the video on our facebook page.

November’s Popup at the Parthenon was a joyful gathering. We love our public poetry and love to do it proud. Photos by emcee Mo Christo of Po’ Boys & Poets, Brew host Christine Hall, and a kind stranger.

Sun. Dec. 5, Poetry Popup Nashville convenes for the last time till spring. Thanks to Amy Hoskins for hosting this fireside reading.

If you’re looking for a good poetry book to curl up with or give this season, our 10th anniversary anthology Sinew is on sale for $12.99 now through Dec. 31.

“At a time when politics and persecution threaten to divide, Sinew reminds that poetry will bind us together. This gathering of exceptional verse will undoubtedly garner the interest of budding and veteran poets alike. Those who value stories that are told with honesty, rebellion and love will cherish this collection.”

Kashif Andrew Graham, Nashville Scene

We’ll be at Portland Brew East Dec. 11 with feature poet Carolyn Connolly. We look forward to seeing and hearing you soon! Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or requests at

Thank you for supporting Poetry in the Brew! Tips and donations welcome:

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